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Cake Making and Baking: US$50.00—2 Saturdays. Learn to bake 3 types of different cakes – yellow cake, red velvet cake, chocolate cake

Cake Decorating Class

Cake Decorating Class: US$50.00 - 2 Saturdays. Learn to decorate birthday and special occasion cake— 2 different designs

Fondant Techniques Class

Fondant Techniques Class: $150.00 - 2 Saturdays. Learn to make fondant, cover a cake and add flowers

Edible Figure Modeling Class

US$110.00—2 Saturdays. Learn to make edible figures – a person (boy or girl), animal – dog, lion, or monkey, and tree.

Pastry Class:

US$50.00—two Saturdays. Learn to bake meat pies, sausage roll, corn bread and short bread.

Pizza Class: US$25.00—One Saturday. Learn to bake delicious pizza for any occasion

Cookies Class: US30.00—One Saturday. Learn to bake and decorate different kinds of cookies— butter cookies. Spritz cookies, short bread cookies.

Students are required to purchase all materials including flour, sugar, butter, eggs, milk, etc. for their class work. These items are NOT included in the fees. All cakes, pastries, etc. will be taken home by the students.

KIDS VACATION CLASSES (AGES: 7-13 - 6 WEEKS during vacation from regular school.)